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When you’re selecting an optometry clinic, you want to know that you can receive evaluation and treatment for a wide range of potential eye and vision problems. You’ll find those solutions here at Vision Eye Max, LLC, your family’s source for primary eye care services. Here are some common conditions we address for our Katy, Richmond, and Fulshear, TX patients.

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Refractive Vision Errors

A refractive vision error occurs when eye structure abnormalities cause light to be refracted incorrectly into the eye. We can diagnose refractive vision errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism, and providie you with an accurate corrective prescription as well as glasses, contacts, or ortho-k lenses.

Dry or Red Eyes

If you suffer from dry and/or red eyes, we can help. Dry, red, irritated eyes can be caused by everything from long hours of computer use to natural aging. Red eyes can indicate conjunctivitis due to an infection or allergic reaction. We can administer soothing eye drops and prescribe lifestyle changes to relieve these problems.


Glaucoma, a condition characterized by damage to the optic nerves, can cause blindness if untreated. The good news is that we can control most cases of glaucoma by prescribing special eye drops or oral medications to regulate the pressure within your eyes.


Cataracts, another common cause of blindness, are thick protein deposits in the eyes’ lenses that block incoming light. Most cataracts develop very slowly, following many years of normal UV exposure. We can monitor your cataracts and correct early symptoms such as blurred vision with glasses or contacts. If you need cataract surgery, we can co-manage your recuperation.

Retinal Disorders

Conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can permanently damage the delicate light-gathering cells that make vision possible. If we discover a retinal disorder during a comprehensive eye and vision exam, we may recommend a special nutritional routine or other lifestyle changes to help curb the condition. If necessary, we can also refer you to a surgeon and co-manage your ongoing care.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries don’t have to be serious to cause serious pain. If you’re struggling with the effects of a blow to the eye, a foreign object in your eye, or some other injury, seek out our eye care services. We can evaluate the damage, wash out chemicals or debris, and apply soothing remedies to help you feel better.

Get the Eye Care Your Katy, Richmond, or Fulshear, TX Family Needs

Whatever primary eye condition your Katy, Richmond, or Fulshear, TX family may encounter, Vision Eye Max, LLC stands ready to assist you. Call (281) 969-3931 to schedule an exam or treatment.

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